Viewing Views(2000)


  • 數位圖像輸出, 現成椅子, 壓克力燈箱
  • 90 x 90 x 30 cm (each) x 11
  • 2000
  • “Viewing View—Back to Nature Series”, Taoyuan Cultural Art Center, Taoyuan, Taiwan,2000

In “Viewing Views” solo exhibition in 2000, I constructed, again, the sets of the artificial sky, garden, and ocean for the audience to sit on and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. I used a cubic acrylic light box as the basic units to make up three scenery sets an indoor garden represented by two cubic boxes with printed-out flower images, an indoor ocean by four cubic boxes with seascape images, and indoor sky by three boxes hung on the wall. Different chairs were placed in front of all three formatted artificial scenery sets as part of the artworks in order to create a peculiar and even absurd visionÐa very funny scene when you see audience seemed quite enjoy the artificial landscapes inside a darkroom without awareness because there is so much similar manmade scenery ‘dumped’ into our lives all the time.



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