‘The MOMENT:The Taiwanese Art Projects’, Tenri Cultural Institute, USA (2015)


  • Curator: Luchia LEE / Maple LIN,Yu-Chieh
  • Partcipating Artists:
  • YU, Wen-Fu、YEH, Yi-Li、WANG, Hsiao-Hua、LEE, Kuang-Yu、Candy bird、LIN, Pey-Chwen、HUANG, Zan-Lun、CHANG, Ya-Hon、Don Don, Hounwu、HSU, Wei-Hui、HSU, Tang-Wei
  • Exhibition Period: 2015/10/02-2015/10/28


The MOMENT:The Taiwanese Art Projects

Preface to THE MOMENT: Contemporary Taiwanese American Arts
Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei / J.J. Shih

Since its establishment fifteen years ago, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Taipei has organized and presented countless exhibitions that introduced international new waves of contemporary art. Corresponding to each major exhibition, we have also planned events and activities for academic exchanges, creative dialogues, and art education. Meanwhile, the museum has strived to introduce Taiwanese contemporary art to the world as one of the projects for cultural exchange between cities. For example, we had curated and organized SuperGeneration@Taiwan, a major exhibition that included thirty Taiwanese artists as well as diverse artistic forms and contents, and toured the exhibition to China Art Museum, Shanghai and Today Art Museum in Beijing. In addition, MOCA, Taipei has curated solo exhibitions of Taiwanese artists three times in the form of collateral exhibition to the Venice Biennial. Therefore, despitethe museum’s limited resources and manpower, through these endeavors that emphasized on the exchange and interaction between Taiwan and the international art scene, MoCA, Taipei has accumulated considerable results with the supports from all fields and the participation of the Taiwanese art circle.

The museum delegates’ trip to New York this time for our collaboration with Taiwanese American Arts Council (TAAC) in organizing THE MOMENT: Contemporary Taiwanese American Arts is the result of collective efforts for introducing and sharing the latest development of Taiwanese contemporary art with the city of our friendly country. As the center of attention for the international art scene throughout decades, New York has attracted innumerable Taiwanese artists to live and work in the city, to soak up its energy and culture, or to observe and interact with it for a short period of time. For THE MOMENT: Contemporary Taiwanese American Arts, MoCA, Taipei has invited ten artists to come to New York, and together with forty-one teams of Taiwanese artists based in New York, to co-create the first Taiwanese contemporary art festival in New York. It not only resembles an artistic reunion, but also a large-scale project that combines international collaboration between museums and interdisciplinary integration of both cities. Therefore, despite the increased level of difficulty and challenges, it is indeed worthy of our collective participation and efforts!

I would like to express my respect and gratitude for all participating artists, and in particular, to TAAC chairperson, Mr. Lung-feng Chen, and TAAC director, Mrs. Luchia Meihua Lee, who have joined forces with us to complete this tremendous task. My special thanks also go to the five New York art institutions that have provided the exhibition venues and precious exhibition schedules, as well as the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Taipei Cultural Center in New York as well as all our fellow Taiwanese and international friends in New York for their assistance in our various projects. It is our sincere hope that THE MOMENT: Contemporary Taiwanese American Arts would initiate more creative exchanges and artistic dialogues between the US and Taiwan.

Art Works


  • Portrait of Eve Clone
  • 3D Hologram, Acrylic Frame, Spotlight
  • 46×57.5x4cm each piece
  • 2010 – 2012

In the series of ‘Portrait of Eve Clone’, the facial images of human-cocoon and human-beast are created by 3D animation. In the forehead there are beast number ‘666’ in Chinese, English, Arabic, Egyptian, etc. As the Revelation depicts, He causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free and the slave, to be given marks on their right hands, or on their foreheads; (Revelation 13:16). Through the high-tech hologram and black acrylic frame, the gesture and the gaze of Eve Clone are shown at various angles. When a viewer looks at the portrait to his left or right, he will, surprisingly, find her gaze back at him. Behind the beautiful look lurks a crisis of temptation.
It is to symbolize that the attractive technology created by human beings turns out to be a counterattack on human beings themselves. This work gives us introspection, that human beings challenge God’s originality with technology, and will eventually face the fate of being manipulated by technology.


  • 3D Animation, Lenpicular Lens, LED
  • According to the space
  • 2006

After catching butterflies, people want to preserve these beautiful creatures as screens and used cold light lamps to create digital butterfly specimens. The butterflies aren’t real; instead, they are dynamic 3D images combined with lenticular sheets.
In addition, each specimen is numbered as if it were an experimental subject.
It can be copied and stored, or even become an object of nostalgia for people to mourn and appreciate.
This series of work re-emphasizes the importance of cherishing nature right now, or suffer the consequences when it will only be possible to admire and mourn for the reality we once had, and accept that any replacement, no matter how vivid or beautiful, is merely an illusion and product of technology.


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