‘The first-ever Future Media Festival’, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei , Taiwan (2012)



The first-ever Future Media Festival

About this Exhibition

The first-ever Future Media Festival opening in 2012 is also the first major exhibition in Taiwan with a focus on new media, systematically presenting various new formats of creative work from recent years. It will be held in the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, hosting nearly 50 pieces of digital artwork by some of the most renowned artists and research institutes. The stunning works aim to marry new artistic languages with technology in creating a dazzlingly imaginative new territory.

The Festival invites many internationally important works, including video installations by Nam June Paik, the pioneer of video art, as well as a site-specific, audio-visual performance, ‘Train Fragments’, created by Canadian artist Herman Kolgen. Also throughout the Festival there will be unique opportunities to see selected animations from other parts of the world, or attend symposiums and lectures by international speakers. The Festival, entitled ‘Transjourney’, puts forward a new creative possibility in the globalized context, integrating art, performance, sound, video, gaming, lifestyle and technology, to illustrate the trajectory of future arts. It will be a sensual experience into both the imagined and real world, a ‘Transjourney’ into the future.


International Artists
Mattia Casalegno & Enzo Varriale (Italy)
Nam June Paik (Korea / US)
Bill Viola (US)
Nils Völker (Germany)
Zimoun (Switzerland)

Taiwanese New Media Artists
Xiaoniu Su-chu Hsu
Chih-chieh HUANG
Shih-chieh HUANG
Yi-ping HUNG + ivLab.
I-chen KUO
Akibo LEE
Keh-nan LIAO
Pey-Chwen LIN
Shih-chang LIN
Shuai-cheng PU
Story Net + Hsin-chien HUANG
Ya-lun TAO
Wei-hao TSENG
Yu-chuan TSENG
Ultra Combos
Chun-kun WANG
Lien-cheng WANG
Der-lor WAY
Chung-han YAO
Goang-ming YUAN
Center for Art and Technology, TNUA
Digital Art Center Taipei
Digital Art Lab., National Taiwan University of Arts
Music Technologies Lab, NCTU

Art Works


  • Portrait of Eve Clone
  • 3D Hologram, Acrylic Frame, Spotlight
  • 46×57.5x4cm each piece
  • 2010 – 2012

In the series of ‘Portrait of Eve Clone’, the facial images of human-cocoon and human-beast are created by 3D animation. In the forehead there are beast number ‘666’ in Chinese, English, Arabic, Egyptian, etc. As the Revelation depicts, He causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free and the slave, to be given marks on their right hands, or on their foreheads; (Revelation 13:16). Through the high-tech hologram and black acrylic frame, the gesture and the gaze of Eve Clone are shown at various angles. When a viewer looks at the portrait to his left or right, he will, surprisingly, find her gaze back at him. Behind the beautiful look lurks a crisis of temptation.
It is to symbolize that the attractive technology created by human beings turns out to be a counterattack on human beings themselves. This work gives us introspection, that human beings challenge God’s originality with technology, and will eventually face the fate of being manipulated by technology.


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