Substantial Life (1999)


  • 數位圖像輸出,壓克力燈箱
  • 123 x 80 x 80 cm (each) x 20
  • 桃園文化中心
  • 高雄市立美術館
  • 1999, 2000-2001
  • 贊助單位:桃園文化中心

The aim of “Substantial Life” artwork, exhibited at the Taoyuan Cultural Center at the end of 1999, was to send my longing and respect for Mother Nature. Since Mother Nature provides human beings with a never-ending supply of resources, I link the image with the concept of substantial life when I see a river-like winding footpath in the park of Taoyuan Cultural Center. In this installation work, I applied the printed-out images of the sky, flower, and ocean into 20 awl-shaped acrylic light boxes placing alongside the footpath. This combination created a unique effect, in that the audience was able to walk through the artworks while admiring from three different angles rows. This piece was not only a “representation” on how much metropolitan environments place emphasis on artificial landscapes, it also mocked the lack of awareness about environmental crises because our naked eyes have been deceived by un-natural appearances, false landscapes, and artificial light.


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