Specimens II (2006)


  • 3D Animation, Lenpicular Lens, LED
  • According to the space
  • 2006
  • 798 Art Zone, Dimension Art Center

After catching butterflies, people want to preserve these beautiful creatures as screens and used cold light lamps to create digital butterfly specimens. The butterflies aren’t real; instead, they are dynamic 3D images combined with lenticular sheets.
In addition, each specimen is numbered as if it were an experimental subject.
It can be copied and stored, or even become an object of nostalgia for people to mourn and appreciate.
This series of work re-emphasizes the importance of cherishing nature right now, or suffer the consequences when it will only be possible to admire and mourn for the reality we once had, and accept that any replacement, no matter how vivid or beautiful, is merely an illusion and product of technology.


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