Rain Forest (2006)


  • 螢光壓克力圓柱長條、壓克力板、螢光燈、風鈴
  • 3×2×2公尺區域
  • 2006年台北燈會藝術特區,台北中正紀念堂

“Rain Forest”public art is placed in the sidewalk constructed by trees from two sides, the artwork is placed within it. Therefore when the audiences pass through and interact with the artwork, it is as if going through a wonder of another space-time. The piece is a combination of fluorescent acrylic transparent long bars, hanging from top to bottom, like a curtain that can be moved and opened. When the fluorescent lights installed within the upper side of the acrylic bar model (acrylic sheet) shine upon the floor, the acrylic bar will glow. In addition, the lower end of the acrylic bars gather light and create starlight effects, increasing the physical astonishment of the light composed by acrylic bars.



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