Morning Dew (2006)


  • Mixed Media (Plastic, water, air, and day-glo materials)
  • 30*30cm 60*30cm 90*60cm
  • 2008

Continuing her series entitled Return to Nature,. Lin Peychwen imitates the form of morning dew in a piece by that name. She uses soft inflatable object into which she injects high-tech day-glo liquid. She forms in this way shapes like a giant water balloon. Under reflection, the dew creates contact with the surrounding environment. “Morning Dew” has been displayed both indoors and outdoor. It is like an alien piece from another planet, or like a vital entity in a dream. An extra surreal beauty has been created and bright nightscapes are made evident. Thus, she surprises the audience.

Lin Peychwen use artificial material to create natural objects, images, or artificial life. We always try to make a virtual image or a form that surpasses nature in order to satisfy human desires. This virtual realistic environment can stir viewers’ emotions. Therefore, this “Morning Dew” piece show up glowing day-glo color. Although it contains surreal seduction, but it will follow the steam and evaporate and gradually disappear. This is one type of artificial beauty and sorrow. At the same time, it is a mirror for humansto think about the way to return to Nature.


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