Making of Eve Clone I (2016)


  • Projector3D、Animation、Digital Sound
  • 10:00
  • 2016


  • “ Like To Loud a Solitude”, MoNTUE, Taipei, Taiwan, 2016

This series, “Eve Clone Creation Project I”, combines the drawings of Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci with each stage of developmentof my Eve Clone. This serves to recall and represent how I use computer 3D animation for the creative process of “Eve Clone” to unfold its appearance for each period of Eve Clone Series. This includes the initial graphic draft to the computerized wire frame of Eve Clone, the step-by-step mapping, the imitation of human-like skin color, the reproduction of metal color as well as the green light color of the hologram image and the mimicry of the golden-head big image. In this series “Eve Clone Creation Project I”, with a 360-degree rotation of Eve Clone, it shows the construction of each stage of Eve Clone while revealing it in the computerized space. With the use of a computer virtual camera, the rotations of each angle of the body show how the “Eve Clone” has been shaped in the process. From making the single-line composition, building the wire frameand the skeleton, mapping the VU texture, and engraving the pattern to build the progressions of its motions…, all of them can show how it has been gradually constructed as a digital product of technological soft- and hardware put forth by the creative desires of human beings. I think that this desire is very similar to that of scientists or those who attempt to transform, imitate, and challenge the original creation of God by technology civilization of human beings. From initial concept to the step-by-step experimentation (practice), the whole process is certainly very similar.
Afterwards, I appropriated research on the golden ratio from the drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci. In addition to pointing out the perfect proportions of “Eve Clone”, this helps convey the strong creative desires and the amazing attempt of Da Vinci to translate into the concept and the creative process of Eve Clone. It is all because Da Vinci boldly dissected and analyzed the proportions of the human body, muscles, blood, veins, and bones. (During his time, faithful disciples must have been taught that our bodies are divine bodies created by God. Yet, Da Vinci apparently disagreed with this and he had dissected a large number of corpses. This rational analysis of the human body and spirit of scientific research showed that he was indeed an exceptionally artist.) In his sketch manuscript, aside from recording the proportions and shapes of the human body, he also implied the concept that human beings are the masters of the universe (humanism thinking). It is no wonder that many of his paintings possess hidden secrets that stood against the truth of the Bible. My work, “Eve Clone”, criticizes the self-centeredness of human beings, which challenges the nature of original creation by God. With this work, I want to discuss the relationship between art and technology – the associations, comparisons, and intertextuality. In the work, I cleverly place the textual content of Eve Clone and my signature below the drawings of Vitruvian Man in “Da Vinci Mirror Writing Font” as a kind of secret code.


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