Making of Eve Clone Documentation I (2017)


  • Digital Printing
  • 54x72x3cm
  • 79X93X3cm
  • 2017


  • 2017 “Making of Eve Clone — Solo Exhibition by LIN Pey-Chwen”, Galerie Grand Siècle

For Making of Eve Clone Documentation I series, I overlap both head and hand part of Leonardo Da Vinci’s manuscript with the line sketch and grid of Eve Clone’s head and hand part in order to accentuating the golden ratio of Eve Clone. Although Leonardo Da Vinci’s manuscript use male as model, the face ratio of Eve Clone is still highly similar with his manuscript keeping signs of computer software which I design that in purpose as contrast of digital file and manuscript document. In the last print of both head and hand, the upper document shows the metallic-colored forming head and right hand with “666 Mark of the Beast” of Eve Clone, and the lower part shows the chapter Daniel and Revelations of Bible in the mirror writing from Leonardo da Vinci. The final touch is AR techniques that transform Eve Clone from a static print into dynamic video to simulate a vivid Eve Clone interacting with audiences in real world.


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