Inspection of Eve Clone (2011)


  • Digital Image
  • 76.5cm x 53.5cm x 2cm x 6 pieces
  • 2011


  • “Eve Clone Series II – Lin, Pey-Chwen Solo Exhibition”, Galerie Grand Siecle, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011

Through infrared photography, the body of Eve Clone is presented, consisting of pupa textured skin, totem tattoos, and the imprinted Mark of the Beast, 666. The totem tattoos consist of images of roses, dragons, phoenixes, snakes, scorpions, and more, alluding to the intrinsic relationship amongst the tattoos, the body, and Eve Clone herself. When seen through infrared lighting, the dangerous nature of the beautiful Eve Clone is revealed. The captions to the infrared photography show the Eve Clone’s serial number and her diagnosis date, time, and inspector.



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