“Goddess of Eve Clone II” Connecting the Impossible: Venice Biennale (2017)


  • Opening|July 15,2017 (Sat)
  • July 15,2017 to July 20, 2017
  • Zattere Studio (Dorsoduro 51, 30123 Venice)


Goddess of Eve Clone II” Connecting the Impossible: Venice Biennale

About this Exhibition

The “Biennale di Venezia” is about the most well known and prestigious biennale of the world.
We found it opportune to form part of this important panorama and decided to select a reduced number of
talentfull artists to realize a collective exhibition in a well selected space in the area of Zattere in Venice.
Just a few minutes walking from the famous Piazza San Marco.
We will exhibit in the charming former studio of the renowned Italian painter Emilio Vedova. The well access for the public and the nice view on the Canale della Giudecca will centainly be an inspiring factor to make this
event unforgettable.
All media will be considered for inclusion in this event. Criterions: Innovation and professionalism.

Exhibition Concept

In line with the actual reality a homogeneous presentation of art is becoming more and more outdated. The multi-cultural reality and the changes caused by conflicts, ecological disasters and spectacular scientific advancements, obliges the art to be in coincidence with this line and opt for the connection of art forms that initially could be considered as impossible to combine.


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