Flowers but not Flowers(2004, 2005)


  • 數位圖像輸出, 壓克力箱, LED
  • 189 x 60 x 30 cm (each) x 6
  • 2004,2005


  • “Un-Natural “, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, 2004.
  • “Fantasy and Things”, Taiwan Avant-Garde Documenta, Huashan1914, Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan , 2004
  • “Fascination & Frustration”. HCTC Artist Space of National Hsinchu University of Education, Art Center of Kao Yuan Unviersity, Taiwan, 2005.

This piece consists of 6 acrylic light boxes. Each box presents one large rose image as the major picture combining different image of social element on the background. The elements of background in each box are (1) World Currencies, (2) Logos, (3) Internet Pornographies, (4) Internet Games, (5) Metropolitan Buildings, and (6) Newspapers. I used digital techniques to compose the images of the roses and the six background images, and then deliberately enlarged these images to show the Pixel. As we know, “Pixel” is the fundamental point of images; what look like individual squares but will be disappeared visually because of an optical illusion from a further distance. This is the way I convey the sensualities and temptations hidden within our society – not until you look at the whole world up close can you discover its original face, which you, the distant viewer, used to consider as beautifully blooming roses. All the pieces are shaped like leaves to echo the shapes of roses; surrounded by varicolored neon lights to represent the look of advertising signs in city.



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