Flower Pillars (2004)


  • 塑膠、水、空氣、螢光劑
  • 30x30cm 60x30cm 90x60cm
  • 2004


  • “Un-Natural “, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, 2004.

This is a piece composed of 5 pillar-shaped acrylic light boxes. I applied the printed-out images of computer IC boards and flower patterns onto geometric and pillar-shaped acrylic light boxes to symbolize the shapes of industrial machinery or buildings. Also, I introduced one 3D images of butterfly in the middle piece to construct a manmade “Technical Garden”, in which were the flower and butterfly “manufactured” by IC boards and communicating with each other via “messages” (laser beams). In fact, such coldly detached relationship states a reflection of our interpersonal relationships in this digital era.



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