Eve Clone Series Lin Pey Chwen Solo Exhibition at MOCA Taipei (2011)


  • Exhibition: 2011/03/24-2011/05/01
  • Opening: 2011/03/24 15:30
  • MOCA Taipei

The Bible’s Revelation 13:18 says that in The End of the Days, the one with the numbers 666 engraved on the forehead and right hand will not be able to escape from the control of evil beasts. Inspired by this concept, Lin Pey Chwen has been working on the Eve Clone Project. She virtualized a digital figure called Eve Clone who is both human and beast. On Eve’s forehead, we see the symbolic numbers 666. Lin uses this figure as a metaphor referring to natural disasters caused by the unlimited progress of science and technology. With the presentation of this exhibition, the artist wants to remind people that although science and technology have made great contributions to our world, they can also damage our living circumstances. If we aren’t aware of this, our lives will be restrained by science and technology, just like Eve Clone, who bears the “sign of the beast” on her forehead.

In this exhibition, the artist presents three artworks. The work Eve Clone’s Portraits is a 3D Hologram Motion Projection. On Eve’s forehead, the symbolic numbers “666” are engraved in Chinese, Arabic and Egyptian. The hologram image of Eve is projected on a piece of transparent acrylic board with a black frame. Eve looks like a specimen. However, when people come closer and walk around her, her gaze follows them, making her seem to be alive. Through this work, the artist wants to expose the tension between organic nature and inorganic technology.

Art Works

Eve Clone#2

Eve Clone#2 series reflects that human beings try to clone a new life. It creates a gene cloning person who transforms all the time in a test tube with 3D and interactive installation technique. This created female is called “Eve Clone,” who evolves from a pupa into a naked woman with a butterfly’s wings. The floating bubble in the test tube symbolizes Eve’s nutrition supplements. The more bubble she has, the more possibilities she have to evolve into a human being; instead, the less bubble she has, the fewer possibilities she may have to evolve into a human being. The quantity of bubble is decided by the process of interacting with the public in order to change Eve Clone’s status and criticize clones created by human can’t live on their own. They can multiply and evolve, but at the same time they can degenerate to original cells because of insufficient nutrition.

The Portrait of Eve Clone

In the series of ‘Portrait of Eve Clone’, the facial images of human-cocoon and human-beast are created by 3D animation. In the forehead there are beast number ‘666’ in Chinese, English, Arabic, Egyptian, etc. As the Revelation depicts, He causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free and the slave, to be given marks on their right hands, or on their foreheads; (Revelation 13:16). Through the high-tech hologram and black acrylic frame, the gesture and the gaze of Eve Clone are shown at various angles. When a viewer looks at the portrait to his left or right, he will, surprisingly, find her gaze back at him. Behind the beautiful look lurks a crisis of temptation.
It is to symbolize that the attractive technology created by human beings turns out to be a counterattack on human beings themselves. This work gives us introspection, that human beings challenge God’s originality with technology, and will eventually face the fate of being manipulated by technology.

The Hands of Eve Clone

The beasts’ mark No. 666 transcribed in Revelation is not only on the forehead but also printed on right hands. “Eve Clone Hands,” developing from “The Portrait of Eve Clone,” create six pairs of hands with marks in the form of sculptures and lay them in medical jars. It seems like organs laid on formalin and in a experimental status. Every pair has different materials like snake skin, peels, pupa skin, shells and minerals, etc. to emphasize Eve Clone’s gene mutation.

The Fingers of Eve Clone

Evolving from “Eve Clone Hands” series, this finger sculpture lays in test tube to symbolize cloned genetic organs. Every finger is cut, twisted and named No.666 freely. Every row of test tubes is displayed like samples.



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