Eve Clone Series are exhibited at ’404 Festival’ in Argentina (2012)


  • Exhibition: 2012/10/17-2012/10/20
  • 2012
  • ’404 Festival’ , Argentina

Art statement

The Bible’s Revelation 13:18 says that in The End of the Days, the one with the numbers 666 engraved on the forehead and right hand will not be able to escape from the control of evil beasts. Inspired by this concept, Lin Pey Chwen has been working on the Eve Clone Project. She virtualized a digital figure called Eve Clone who is both human and beast. On Eve’s forehead, we see the symbolic numbers 666. Lin uses this figure as a metaphor referring to natural disasters caused by the unlimited progress of science and technology. With the presentation of this exhibition, the artist wants to remind people that although science and technology have made great contributions to our world, they can also damage our living circumstances. If we aren’t aware of this, our lives will be restrained by science and technology, just like Eve Clone, who bears the “sign of the beast” on her forehead.
In this exhibition, the artist presents three artworks. The work Eve Clone’s Portraits is a 3D Hologram Motion Projection. On Eve’s forehead, the symbolic numbers “666” are engraved in Chinese, Arabic and Egyptian. The hologram image of Eve is projected on a piece of transparent acrylic board with a black frame. Eve looks like a specimen. However, when people come closer and walk around her, her gaze follows them, making her seem to be alive. Through this work, the artist wants to expose the tension between organic nature and inorganic technology.


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