Revelation of Eve Clone II (2012)


  • Hologram, Spotlight
  • 67x53x4cm each, 6 Pieces
  • 2012


  • “Eve Clone Series I- Lin, Pey-Chwen Solo Exhibition” MOCA, Taipei, 2011
  • ” Body and Interface”, Taipei Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2012
  • “Revelation‧ Notification – Lin, Pey-Chwen Solo Exhibition”, National Tsing Hua University Arts Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2015

The work in the hallway is Revelation of Eve Clone II, which is Lin’s new series of holograms which she has developed in recent years. As opposed to a theatrical setting with wide projection and motion graphics, this series creates a one-on-one, close-up way of looking, reading, understanding and interacting through a 2D medium. In this work, the image of Eve is frozen and fixed in the photographs, confined to a flat screen and limited space. Nonetheless, as viewers gaze at the images from different angles, they are again activated and brought back to life to reveal their inner desires.


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