Door of Creativity (2012)

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  • 公共藝術
  • 3D互動藝術作品、PDP電漿螢幕、網路攝影機、互動系統、不鏽鋼管、電腦、監視系統、玻璃纖維強化塑膠
  • 尺寸:180cm × 100cm × 40cm (2座)、 150cm × 130cm × 40cm (2座)、120cm × 170cm × 40cm (2座)、 90cm × 200cm × 40cm (1座)
  • 國立新竹教育大學 綜合教學大樓景觀中庭及開放動態廣場
  • 2009

“The Door of Creativity”Based on the imagery of a university “gate” and the Arch of Triumph, The Door of Creativity is comprised of seven “gates” arranged into a semicircle, symbolizing the scholarly endeavor one embarks when enrolling in university. The artwork echoes the educational mission of National Hsinchu University of Education and the perfect learning environment of its campus.To emphasize the relationship between the university and its students, this public artwork is installed on the outdoor lawn of the multidisciplinary building. Not only does the work provide an outdoor stage area for student performances, but also serves as an interface to the building’s inner courtyard, whichis surrounded by French windows. This highlights the intimate relationships between indoor/outdoor, silence/laughter, serious/relaxed, school/student, light/sound, natural/digital, and environment/individual. Through stainless steel shapes, prisms, LED ights, interactive systems, interactive sounds, and other media, one bears witness to the humane care, educational exchange, techno art, and other features of National Hsinchu University of Education.



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