Digital View (2009)

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  • 公共藝術
  • 主體:影片、網路、全彩LED顯示器、全彩LED控制器、鍍鋅鋼固定架壓克力版
  • 互動檯座:互動介面、觸碰螢幕、不鏽鋼檯座與輪子、電腦控制系統、排熱風扇
  • 主體:376cm x 392cm x 60cm
  • 互動檯座:135cm x 60cm x 70cm
  • 國家高速網路與計算中心
  • 2009

“Digital View” new media public art attempts to display NCHC’s concern for the humanities and the environment. It proposes a special design of how to utilize the center’s existing computing resources and its live observational images, which incorporates an internet-based interactive system and streaming images into a creative concept. It attempts to interpret the deeper concept of grid ecology and to create a “digital space” for the center. Through the transformative presentation of the images, and by injecting the public nature of interaction into this work, the artistic nature and the uniqueness of the scientific research conducted in the center and revealed.



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