City Matrix (2005)


  • Acrylic board, electric wire, lenpicular lens, digital video, LED, DVD player, TFT screen, specula reflector, concave and convex lens
  • Main object: 65 cm x 75 cm
  • Butterfly Shapes: 25 cm x 20 cm x 11 cm
  • Space: 600 cm x 300 cm2005
  • Arts Center, Tainan University of the Arts
  • National Hsinchu University of Education: HCTC Artist Space
  • Kao Yuan University Art Center

“City Matrix” uses symbols of technology in the city, such as neon lights, LED lamps, signage, to mock the digital world that humans have created. This world is constantly being constructed and embellished with dazzling lights and sounds. It may be mesmerizing like a butterfly; however, it’s actually luring people away from nature to unconsciously enter into a psychedelic illusion.

Therefore, the author uses mutations as a metaphor for the city we live in, like a strange Matrix producing more mutations. The viewer can peep through the convex mirrors to see the flashy advertising signs and fluttering silhouettes of dancing butterflies. This kaleidoscope-like city also makes traffic noises. Several tentacles extend from the Matrix toward digital butterflies with LED lamps that create artificial movements and dancing that produce a clone waiting to mesmerize and trick human eyes.



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