Chrysalis (2005)


  • Medical Glass Jar, Poly Sculpture
  • 50 x 30 cm (each) x 15
  • 哈密公園,第二屆台北公共藝術節
  • 台北市政府文化局
  • 2005

“Chrysalis”, highlighting the features of local culture, was created by the invitation from the Taipei Public Art Festival to recover the energy of the old community through more attention from the public. Therefore, I inlaid 15 white chrysalis-like objects made by acrylic, which symbolize chrysalises sleeping at daytime and undergoing metamorphosis into beautiful butterflies at night, shining in the bushes. This is the effect created by Electroluminesent which was placed in front of chrysalises to highlight the image of butterflies. The wonderful process from white chrysalises to colorful butterflies at night is a metaphor of the bright future of the community.



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