Dews (2016)

Dews (2016)


Poly, Silica Gel, Oil-based Dyes, Fiberglass, Poly, LED, LED Lighting Timer, LED Lighting Controller

National Taipei University


Continuing the series of Back to Nature”, Pey-Chwen Lin imitates the natural dews to create nine pieces of "Drews" which made of silicone, oil coloring agents, glass fiber and poly foam. They are installed on the park in front of the central square of the National Taipei University Administration building.

“Dews” are placed on the lawn sporadically throughout the park, as if they are beads of giant beings. The sense of surreal beauty is beyond imagination and stunning. They are especially captivating when the LED lights glow slowly, as if breathing and performing, from within the dews during the night. Whether it’s during the day or night, they continuously exude living beings that converse with nature. Pey-Chwen Lin’s creation simulates forms, images, or artificial lives in nature by using materials not found in nat