Catching II (2014)


  • Inflatable plastic sheets, interactive video projection, sensors, speakers
  • According to the space
  • 2014
  • National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC)

Three strangely shaped insect eggs are comprised of inflatable plastic. Combining interactive audio and moving images, a computer program is used to generate images of pupae and the metamorphosis of butterflies among a surreal, biological state. When the audience attempts to catch the images of the pupae, sensors detect their hand movements, causing the pupae to gradually change into a colorful butterfly. However, these are virtual images that the audience is unable to catch. Through this approach, the artist prompts the audience to reflect on the crisis in which virtual nature is gradually replacing real nature through technology.

Interactive mode:

When a hand is waved around the upper area of the sphere, higher frequencies of the wave will result in a higher intensity of change in colors and images.



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