Catching (2004)


  • Images of Butterfly Project in a Darkroom, 15 pieces of Digital Butterfly Specimens,
  • Computers, Electroluminescent, White Gloves
  • According to the space
  • 2004
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (MOCA)
  • Sponsored by Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, Golden will Technology Corp., i-Art Corporation

This exhibition is a continuation of my ‘Back to Nature’ Series with a rather bold attempt by using the entire darkroom to present a new concept. Together, three related installations in the darkroom are: (1) On the wall opposite the entrance is shown the “Virtual Reality” image of a group of butterflies in 3D Polarized Projection System. By wearing 3D glasses the audience can experience the pleasure of catching butterflies. (2) One artificial garden with images of butterflies projected has been created to satisfy human beings’ desire to touch and catch butterflies on hands with white gloves. It interacts with the audience to achieve a certain degree of interest, but what they can see and touch is in fact an illusion. (3) 15 specimens of “Virtual Butterflies” are hanged and displayed between other two installations. It was the common human behavior after one catches a butterfly will turn it into specimen. I therefore used Lenpicular Lens, Electroluminescent and acrylic boards to make 15 pieces of “Virtual Butterfly Specimens”. It is to bring up the question of when “Butterflies” and “Specimens” become a sort of illusion one day, what happens to the environment we actually live in?

This series, again, emphasizes the previously existing “Reality” that eventually will only be able to be admired, captured, and mourned one day if human beings don’t start to cherish Mother Nature. What will they have in the end? An illusion and virtual images I have created to make the point that those beautiful and lifelike butterflies are only the technological products after all. Although the 3D butterflies appear to be as real as life through a pair of glasses, they are nothing but a trick of the senses (Virtual Reality) produced by means of so-called ‘Hi-Tech’ including 3D animations, Polarized Projection System, Polarized glasses, etc. The entire process is quite alluring and leads the audience into some visionary wonderland but the audience will get hit by a situation of feeling lost as soon as walking out of the space because nothing they can catch.



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